Newbie's How To Guide Print
Written by Head Baking GAL   

Newbie’s How to Guide

  • Registered users must be logged in order to view teams and to join a team.
  • Read the teams we are shipping to by click on the link “Meet our Round ## teams here”
    • Remember the name of the team(s) you liked.
  • Click on the link “Join a Round ## team here”
    • Select the team(s) you would like to join.
      • There is a limit of 20 members per team.
  • The address will be emailed the day before the shipping part of the round begins.
  • DO NOT post the address anywhere on our site or another.
  • DO NOT ask for the address to be given to you or posted on the site.
  • It is recommended to contact your leader directly through email versus making posts on the site itself.
  • If you need to post on the site, I recommend using the bulletin board found on the “Join” page of the team you are a member of and not writing a comment on the “Meet” page.
  • Please send a message to your team leader (you can either send an email or use the email leader feature found on the “Join” page of the team you are a member of) with your name and location before the shipping part of the round begins.
  • Visiting our facebook page is another way to get quick answers to your questions. You do not need to have a facebook account in order to view the page.
  • Shipping—
    • Visit the FAQ page for tips on shipping and help filling out a custom’s form.
    • Make sure you place our logo on your box.
      • You can make your own, using the graphics from our site and printing on a label
      • Or order a sheet of stickers from our Zazzle Merchandise store.
    • Once you have shipped your box, make sure you email your team leader with the following information:
      • When you shipped
      • What you shipped
      • How many boxes
      • And if you took pictures attach them