Future Round Information Print
Written by Head Baking GAL   

Check out our new calendar. Please note dates and deadlines ARE different than last year. These dates are FIRM.

Terms for the calendar -

  • New Leader/Need Someone - This means if you have never been a leader and/or if you need someone to ship to this round - this date is for you.
  • Veteran Leader - This means if you have been a leader before (meaning you see "submit article") - this date is for you.
  • Round XX Opens - By Noon EST the round will open for Sign Ups.
  • Last Day to Open Team - I will NOT open any teams past this date. You must have your article submitted by end of day this date.
  • Shipping for the Round - The dates you should mail your package(s) out for the Round and don't forget to tell your leader you did so.

Changes made -

  • Leaders MUST submit a request to be a leader in order to have an article published each round. You must do so by the day before the round starts. (Form located here)
  • New Leaders and those needing someone to ship to MUST submit their Leader Request 4 days before the round starts (as indicated on the calendar).
  • I will only publish new team articles and join pages up until 7 days before the shipping starts (as indicated on the calendar).